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Assured Home Inspections checks all your Structural and Mechanical systems in your home.
We don't rest until we know your home better than anyone else

Attic to Foundation
Heating and Plumbing

A typical home inspection is a structural and mechanical inspection of the roof, ceilings, floors, foundation, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical systems.  We will go through the house room-by-room and test all major appliances, plumbing fixtures, heating systems and electrical in each room.  A typical single family home inspection takes a minimum of two hours.  During the inspection you are encouraged to accompany the inspector and to ask all the questions you wish.  You won't have to climb on the roof or crawl in the dark places though;  that's our part of the fun.

Assured Home Inspections meets and exceeds the ASHI Standards of Practice and complies with the ASHI Code of Ethics.

At the end of the inspection you will receive the full report with a one-page summary of major findings, outlining any significant concerns.

Inspection report is usually provided on the same day as the inspection.

We also do radon testing, air quality testing and well water testing, .

We want you to feel safe and Assured in your new home!

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