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State of Tennessee
home inspector license #349

Fully-Insured Home Inspector

865 525-8877


Certified Home Air Check Professional


15 years
2000 inspections


Grew up in Chicago, lived in Canton, Ohio (have you heard of the Professional Football Hall of Fame?) after college, moved to Milwaukee and has lived in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1997 as a home inspector.

Education: University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana Campus

Industrial Engineer:
    The Timken Company
- Canton, Ohio

    Heil Company
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Perhaps you have seen those tank trucks, dump trucks and garbage trucks on the interstates with the Heil logo on the mudflaps?)

Building and Construction Management Engineer:
    Aurora Health Care
- Developed construction plans utilizing AutoCAD. This is where I became interested in the components of a building. Here's where I became familiar with plumbing, electrical, foundations, walls, ceilings, windows, safety and the myriad of other aspects of home construction. There's not much in the way of attics and crawl spaces in a hospital, but the skill of crawling under houses and in attics came later with home ownership, home inspection school and home inspection experience.

American Home Inspectors Training Institute: Attended and graduated from an approved ASHI home inspection school. Under the tutelage of Roy Newcomer, I was given an intense classroom training followed by actual home inspection experience.

Home Construction Experience: Spent years learning about home construction, remodeling and home improvements on my 1919 Milwaukee bungalow where I personally did the following:

  • Rewired the house upgrading the amperage from 60 to 200 replacing every two-pronged duplex outlet with three pronged grounded outlets and protected all duplex outlets near water with ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Did a complete tearoff of three layers of roofing, laid down asphalt roofing, properly stepflashed and counterflashed the roof around chimneys and dormers
  • Installed drywall to two unfinished rooms
  • Assembled and installed handrailings on the porch and interior stairways
  • Upgraded service plumbing from galvanized steel to copper and drains from steel to PVC
  • Repiped gas lines with black iron
  • Correctly installed a water heater with pressure relief valve and extension


My Milwaukee home ownership experience gave me hands-on knowledge of the important maintenance features of a house as well as the experience of doing the work myself. Several years of industrial engineering work in the corporate world gave me first hand knowledge of what it takes to manage a business. My formal home inspection training at the American Institute of Home Inspectors provided a format for inspecting according to the State of Tennessee standards of practice. My hospital building and construction work has provided me with insight into the nuts and bolts of construction. A wonderful family life gives me the ability to face challenges with maturity.

My entire list of life experiences all come together at one point in time - YOUR HOME INSPECTION. My goal is simple: I want your home inspection, and our time together, to be listed as a positive on your list of life experiences. Call today to make an appointment!

865 525-8877


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