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Home inspector
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The home inspection is your opportunity to be come familiar with your new home before you move in. We will search the home together reveal its features and share ideas concerning its care and maintenance.

Don't wait until it's too late, call us today.

Click on Typical Inspection to understand what we will be doing together.

For Home Buyers/Sellers  (from the American Society of Home Inspectors)
ASHI professionals perform a visual inspection and produce a written report of the condition of residential properties for buyers or owners. The purpose of such an examination is to describe observable major defects which require repairs.

The minimum scope of the inspection and report are described by the ASHI Standards of Practice. Inspectors are, of course, permitted to exceed the Standards. 

Inspections are also performed according to a strict Code of Ethics which protects consumers from conflicts of interest, and which assures an independent opinion regarding the property.

A basic home inspection of an average small home that meets the minimum ASHI Standards of Practice should take two hours or more. Larger homes and homes with more features take considerably more time. Naturally, the more thorough the inspector is, the longer the inspection will take.

  What is a "home inspection"?
  What does it include?
  Why do I need a home inspection?
  What will it cost?
  Can't I do it myself?
  Can a house fail inspection?
  When do I call in the home inspector?
  Do I have to be there?
  What if the report reveals problems?
  If the house proves to be in good condition, did I really need an inspection?

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